• MOGS Dr Bhanuben Nanavati award for overseas Travelling Fellowship.
  • MOGS Dr C. G. Saraiya Traveling Fellowship.
  • FOGSI Dr. Shanti Yadav award for best research work in Infertility.
  • FOGSI Corion award for best Scientific Research work in Obstetrics & Gynaecology.
  • FOGSI – IPAS Young Talent & MTP committee award for making Abortions Safe.
  • FOGSI Imaging Science award.
  • FOGSI Future award (West zone).
  • MOGS Dr. N. K. Allahabadia Research award for excellence in Imaging.
  • MOGS Dr. Pramila Bhatia Young Scientist Award, for original research work.
  • MOGS Dr. H. Desa Silver Jubilee award for research work.
  • MOGS -Prof. Khurshed and Dr. Soonu Sheriar Best Youth Council Member Award.
  • MOGS appreciation award at the “MOGS Women’s Health Conclave”.
  • MOGS Dr. R.D.Pandit Essay Competition on “Who will speak for the silent women?’ – 1st prize.

Prizes Won at Scientific Communications in International & National Conferences:

  • Best paper (Senior – Infertility) – Prospective comparative study of Progesterone vs GnRh antagonist for LH surge prevention in IVF / ICSI at MOGS- FOGSI World conference on Conception to Delivery 2K19, 2019. 
  • Best Free paper/ video presentation (Senior category) – Complications during transvaginal ultrasound guided oocyte retrieval at MOGS- IAGE Endo ART International conference, 2018. 
  • Dr D. K. Tank prize for Interesting case (Senior category) – Paper : Pregnancy with chylous ascites at 46thMOGS Annual conference, 2018.
  • AICC RCOG Best paper in Reproductive medicine – Evaluation of endometrial and subendometrial blood flow by 3Dtransvagianl power Doppler in unexplained infertility at Annual conference of AICC RCOG, 2017. 
  • Best Free paper (Senior category) – A prospective interventional study to assess the efficacy and safety of vaginal sildenafil citrate for early onset fetal intra uterine growth restriction at ISOPARB – AFG Annual conference, 2018.
  • Interesting case prize – Vaginal sildenafil citrate a boon, in severe IUGR with absent end diastolic flow at Conception to delivery conference, (MOGS, FOGSI, GESTOSIS, AMOGS), 2016.
  • Best paper – Complications during transvaginal oocytes retrieval at SMART OBGYN Conference (SAFOG , MOGS), 2016. 
  • Best paper (Senior category): Viagra – Anew wonder drug for IUGR at 43rd MOGS annual conference, 2015.
  • Dr. D. K. Tank prize for interesting case (Junior Category) – Rare case of malignant sertoli leydig cell tumor in pregnancy at 37th MOGS Annual Conference, 2009. 
  • Best Scientific Communication- Labour analgesia at FOGSI YUVA Congress, 2008.
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